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Bad Odor on Age Bases

  • There are the cases where you cover your nose when someone comes up with bad odor. There are also some cases where other closes their nose when you sit behind them. But, did you ever observed why you get bad odor and why don’t find the same in your or in some other child?  It’s not because you don’t maintain freshness while the child maintains it. There are few reasons behind the mystery of bad odor among adults and children. You can find the complete idea over bad odor and also the reasons behind its existence in adults rather than in children.

    Offensive Bad Odor:

    No one prefers the bad odor from body especially from under arms. In case of such issues, people prefer for deodorants. But some face the same problem after few hours despite of using deodorants. There are many specific medical reasons behind it.

    Skin is the acts as ventilalater for body evaporating the excess water and heat. This process is done with the help of two hormones.  They are the eccrine glands and apocrine glands.

    Eccrine Glands: this are meant to release the heat from the body by evaporating the water through skin pores. By doing this, it can ensure the body with moderate temperature. These glands will no way cause any kind of offensive bad odor.

    Apocrine Glands: This are located at hair follicles releasing the fatty based sweat and this is the cause for getting offensive bad odor. This sweat is a mixture of proteins and fats and it is thicker than the sweat released by the eccrine glands. Its liberation is not due to the hard work of body, but due to the stress (stress can be emotional stress, physical stress).

    Does really sweat is of Bad Odor?

    No, it’s the sweat which makes you of bad odor, but it’s the bacteria which feed on the fat and proteins liberated by apocrine glands. This bacterium gets fixed on the skin and starts feed on sweat only after the puberty.

    Fish Malodor: There can health reason which makes you release bad odor, if the person is facing genetic disorder trymethylaminur. The odor by this dam hard to bare and it can’t be controlled using deodorants. This occurs when the body is unable to metabolize nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorus.

    Colin: It’s a nutrient on which our kidney relays. When quantity is is lower than the adequate, it causes some issues like fatty liver and liver damage. During this process higher amount of sweat gets secrets.

    Why children won’t smell B.O?

    It’s because of absence of Porcine glands in children. Apocrine is the one which feeds bacteria by releasing the fat and nutrients based sweat. And this begins in the body after the puberty. The puberty begins in girls from the age of 9 to 13. And it will be at 10 to 14 in boys.

    Complete release from odor is possible when we maintain our body fresh and use some deodorants. Regular bath (ones or twice in a day) will be very effective.

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