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Best Regimens for Every Skin Type

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    A basic deportment of the girls is to the gain the elegance and exquisite appearance. To sustain this, every woman rushes in to beauty parlors and cosmetics stalls and spends thousands of dollars. But, without knowing the kind of skin you have, even hundreds of cosmetics are of no use. In return, your skin discloses to different side effects. This article offers the visibility over the types of skins and their perfect remedies with in the short budget, which makes many to retain the gorgeous look with only few dollars.

    Identity of Skin:
    The world filled out with different people with many skin tones and complexities, reacting in different ways for various environmental effects. The skin, which is the most important and most exposing organ, is basically of five types. This differentiation is because of gender, daily skin care regimens, diet, stress, release of sebaceous glands and also medication. Each type has its own nature and needs different remedy. And the types of skin are sensitive, combined, dry, and oily and sun burnt. Let’s have a gland over clear picture of each and every type.

    Combined and natural skin:
    This is the first and most often found skin type in women. This is of smooth and clean skin with plain having the good tone. This is the skin which usually blemishes having normal size pores. The T-zones will be of oil because of excess release of sebaceous glands and rest will be tight and taut. The T-zones sense nose, forehead, chins will be of greasy and rest will have a dry appearance.

    Regimen of combined skin type:
    As this skin is of patches, the regimen for individual patch varies. Need to have more concentration on oil patches which builds black and white heads and also makes spots.

    • Need to use strong astringents on oily area which protects the skin from spots and heads.
    • Mild Moisturizer is very essential for the dry patches every night. Stop preferring highly oily makeup’s and cosmetics with more oil releasing level.
    • Proper maintenance can change the combined skin in to the normal skin with even texture and clear tone. And improper care can often blemish.

    Oil Skin:
    This is the one with high greasy and having more prone to pimples, black- white heads. This skin type release more number of sebaceous glands through largely opened pores. But it is less impact of early stage of wrinkles and makes skin look young for longer period. This skin has the more scope of easy attack of bacteria at the pores of the skin which results several allergies, pimples and many more.

    Treatment for oil skin:

    • Regular cleansing is very essential for the oily skin, which clears the dirt fixed at the pores due to the heavy oil over the surface of skin. But the cleansers need not to be the harsh one. Avoid cleansers which over driers.
    • Prefer for the recommendations and prescriptions of the dermatologists and make sure of using astringents every night. Have knowledge about the oil controlling drugs and start usage on preferable level.
    • Go through the gentle face wash with the tepid water. And use non-comedogenic moisturizers and sunscreens which avoid the clog of pores.

    remedy for skin

    Dry Skin:

    The pores of skin in very small size and release very less amount of sebaceous glands is generally referred as the dry skin. This is mostly found in winter seasons and it is mostly free from all the breakouts and blemishes. But has the scope of early wrinkles and fine lines.

    Dry skin medication:
    It easily reacts to the environment especially in winter and dry weathers. Lack of moisture is dry skin tends to the strip off’s the body moistures and can find scratches over the skin and also inflict negative effects. So always use the good moisturizers.

    • Avoid high exposure of skin to the sun which results to the dryness and avoid harsh soaps and creams.
    • Mostly neglect the scrubs and hard core skin treatments. Use vitamin E based and oil providing moisturizers.
    • Drink plenty of water and use humidifiers in the case of dry air. Apply cool comprehended at irritating and itchy areas.

    Sun damaged skin:
    This is bit sensitive; easily reacting to the sun rays and slacks the skin tone. Sun damaged skin is highly affected at cheeks and jaw line due to the tight skin of invisible pores. This skin type is of usually broken and leathery look

    Remedies for sun burnt skin:

    • Daily usage of sun screen lotion while leaving out can protect your skin from sun rays. Avoiding the heavy make up protects your skin from all kinds of sun related problems.
    • Tanning can be avoided by going through fruit based facials and cleansing. Betterment in skin can be retained with the help of dermatologist prescriptions and medications.

    Every of us is well aware that the skin the most important organ, which is highly being exposing to this polluted, hard sun rays and unhygienic environment. Based on the skin type highly inflicting prolong usage of skin medication, cleansers and moisturizers only prevents and protects from flaws and results elegant look.

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