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Blood in Body

  • Blood Cells

    Blood Cells

    As from many days we are just going through the raising topics creating different issues of health. Today we will have a topic which is most important for the people. A person cannot live without average amount of it. I don’t want to keep in suspense; it’s the blood on which this article is going to be.

    Many of us known that the blood is  made of three cells and they are white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. The role of White blood cells (WBC) is to fight against the injuries, Red blood cells (RBC) are meant for transferring the oxygen to lungs and platelets are meant for clotting the blood. Apart from this, there is role of one more character which completes the blood range and it is plasma. Plasma is liquid portion consisting of different electrolytes, nutrients, vitamins, hormones, which are substituted to different parts of the body.

    Now let’s go deeper in to this concept which gives the accurate and effective information. The RBC cells are generated in bone marrow. The bone marrow is of two types based on the level of creation of cells.

    Red Marrow:  Red marrow is one of the bone marrow which creates RBC throughout the life time. This is will be main bone parts like ribs, pelvis, and small parts of upper arms and legs, breastbone and vertebrae.

    Yellow Marrow: This is the bone marrow which will be active for shorter time from the birth. After certain period there production diminishes completely.

    Blood Terminology:

    Hematopoietic: The blood production procedure is termed as hematopoietic.

    Pluripotential Hematopoietic Stem Cell: Blood cells which are formed from same type cells are termed as above heading.  These cells can able to form different types of potential blood cells and also can reproduce the cells. All certain group of cells forms specific type.




    Hematocrit is the measure of red blood cells in the body, and on an average it is around 40 to 45 percent of blood. On an average for every white blood cell, there need to be 600 red blood cells and 40 platelets.

    Unusual Characteristics of RBC:

     RBC is the one which makes the blood red in color, there appearance quite extensive; basically it appears in biconcave shape just like round disk with shallow depth in the center. As it consists of hemoglobin, it enables to hold the oxygen and transfer it to different parts of the body. RBC is an unbreakable cell just because of capillaries.

    Leukocytes for Immune System:

    WBC is specially meant for fight infection. WBC is of different types and each has some specific role for the immune system. On a whole, there are around 4000-10000 WBCs for every micro liter of blood.

    Neutrophils: These are of around58 percent among all the white blood cells. They defense against bacteria, ranging from 5- 20 among its life span. When the bacteria is found in body certain Bands are formed which are the immature neutrophils.

    There are lots more to discuss regarding white blood cells and platelets and this will be covered in the upcoming articles. Go through the articles and be informative about human blood.

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