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    natural skin

    Using of cosmetic to improve the beuty has became quite common task for every girl. Currently men also striving to gain the smooth and complex skin.There are enormous number of cosmetics are emerging in the market having some or other features. In the ancient days there was no case of using cosmetics, a girl beauty always remained with the natural items which she used. But its not the case now, every one prefers to spend money on cosmetics rather than choosing the natural methods matching to their skin. Consults many beauty care centers, beautiparlors and strives a lot with typical sittings and corresponding treatments.


      Effects of cosmetics:

    Though many cosmetics promises for one or the other skin remedies, its of sure to offer some or the other kind of remedy. The high level usage of cosmetics generally offer effective and immediate rid, but the product usage is stopped it offers a new issues to the skin and also ensures the skin with new or the other skin issues.  

    • Few of the high chemical based cosmetic s need to use along with the other cosmetics in order to avoid the side effects or to reduce your other defects. But these cosmetic packages surely make a hole to your pocket apart from reducing the defects.
    • Creams applied over skin will fill the skin pores and when you expose the skin outside, the dust and pollution will gets fixed to your skin layer and enriches the bacteria and improves the causes for pimples.
    • Improper usage of creams can lead to the cause of new skin issues which needs  a  dermatologists suggestions and prescriptions.

    We can prefer to the natural remedies which comes from our daily usage products. This improves the skin and saves the amount simultaneously. This article just going to suggests very few effective skin care remedies in natural ways.



    Natural Glowing Skin:

    To gain a natural glowing skin without the use of cosmetics prefer following methods.

    • Add cucumber juice, lemon juice and rose water in equal quantity and use it has cleanser. With this usage the skin’s complexion gets improved.
    • It clears out all the skin pores which are filled with dust and bacteria and improves the skin glow.
    • Make a paste of raw carrots and apply the paste over face and rinse it off after an hour. You can find a smooth glowing skin.
    • Have a spoon of mint juice and apply it over skin for few minutes and clear it off. This removes the stains over the skin. Do keep apply it for specific duration for effective results.
    • Rid for Wrinkles:Add one tea spoon of honey and add it to the cabbage juice and apply it over your skin where there is more number of wrinkles. You can find effective skin within few attempts.
    • Add one tea spoon of lemon juice and 30 ml of tomato juice apply it over skin and clear it with water after few minutes. This enriches the glow of skin.
    • Pimple removal:Take glycerin, lemon juice, rose water in equal quantities and apply it over skin. This reduces the pimple occurrence over skin. Prefer this lotion during night times.

    By considering all the tips its clear that lime juice have impressive positive response when applied to the skin. Apart from this make a face pack of any kind of apple, which results a blemish skin. Home remedies are cheaper and most effective methods to get rid of your skin defects.

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