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Diminish your Dark Circles

  • dark circles

    The hectic schedules of modern world makes all of us to spend higher span on work than the healthy body can do, which yields immense number of issues regarding health and beauty. Irrespective of age, there are many who find wrinkles, dark circles in younger age and it’s the benefit which is enriched because of night outs, stress works in order to reach the dead lines. Though this hectic schedule earns us fame, hikes, ranks in our career, this also earns dark circles which make us more elder than what we are. Apart from hectic pollution, heredity is also the factors of the dark circles. Many of us spend bags of dollars in cosmetics which covers dark bags temporarily. But what’s the case when you wash your face. Try to find the best and permanent rid for the eye bags in natural way which is free from side effects and you can spend less of your time and money. This article narrates the culprits which ruin the beauty of eyes and remedies which build magnetic and majestic eyes with younger skin.

    Age growth yields to eye bags:
    Finding the intellection behind dark circles around the eyes is not so big deal, but finding an appropriate rid matter much. There are very few reasons and our negligence initiated these dark bags around eyes. Surrounding portion of eyes are the storage place of fat having the liter and thin skin. All the fat gets fixed with in the ligaments and these ligaments gets loosen as the age grows. And finally loosen elasticity results dark circles.

    Sinus, the foundation of dark circles:
    The current trend finds dark circles in the early age due to the health defects like Chronic Sinus. This Sinus deflates and start swelling finally tends to loose elasticity and improves the darkness around skin.

    Genetic effect:
    If your family has the history of dark circles, it reflects even last of leaf of the hierarchy. Complete rid for this heredity is mostly not possible.

    Contribution to sun rays:
    Exposure of skin to the ultraviolet rays of sun leads to the release of higher pigmentation. This results to darkness of color. Among the entire, sun rays effect will be in more level towards the skin around the eyes.

    Natural remedies

    In order to prevent this problem, there are some easy natural solutions. Have your glands to get and gain the suitable remedy to your problem.

    stress free:

    strain less eyes

    In this hectic world, there is need of relaxation from stress which can be retained from deep sleep. Spend minimum 6 to 8 hours sleep during nights. Avoid night shifts and night outs.


    Conscious in maintaining a proper diet, prefer to have a high salt free diet. Diet should relate to kidney effects food, as this will be having a positive effect towards dark bags.


    Apply the creams which are rich with Vitamin C, which increase the blood vessels. Apply sun screen lotions having SPF of at least 30% around the eyes, which clears the darkness of eyes. Application of Vitamin K also improves the blood circulation and reduces the dark circles around eyes.

    Cucumber and teabags:

    Place cucumber slices over the eyes for 15 minutes which relaxes the skin and reduces the stress. Use plain cool teabags for eyes relaxation.


    Avoid dehydration and drink at least 8liters of water every day and it enriches the blood vessels and reduces the eye bags.

    This remedy definitely acts positively to diminish your dark bags around eyes and makes you look younger.

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