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Faulty Food claims to hypertension

  • blood pressure

    Present modern and hectic life style deals with immense tensions, stress, over time, schedules for gaining goals and more. This intends humans to addict to several modern environmental factors including fast foods, night parties, lack of deep sleep, posture, smoking, alcohol etc. All these claiming to one of major health problem, named Hypertension. Beside this, some other medical conditions and diseases are also result to blood pressure. And many researches proved that BP is becoming a root for abnormal conditions of health. Many millions are owed BP and are striving to resolve the stain of high blood pressure. But all faulty habits made persons to stand in the hypertension ring of life risk. The way to come out of this consequence is perfect diet and strict regimen.

    Blood Pressure:

    Blood pressure is the rate of blood exerted from the blood vessels while the heart compresses and relaxes. Due to the forcible and excess work, the arteries of heart get thicken and compressed and it fluctuates the acceptable conditions of blood pressure. The lack of systematic arterial of blood can lead to high and low blood pressure. The normal acceptable level of blood pressure is 120/80. Rise from the acceptable BP leads to hypertension and less than 120/80 tends to low blood pressure. We can find Blood pressure in huge types; but, they are mainly classified of two types-high blood pressure and low blood pressure. High blood pressure is the result of high systolic and diastolic levels. Again, hypertension is differentiated as primary and secondary. Primary hypertension claimed commonly in many of us, secondary is caused due to other health factors. The perfusion of blood from heart to brain should be acceptable. If the frequency and speed slows, it named as low blood pressure.

    Why this blood pressure raises and slows down? Cause of this is the flexibility of arteries and pumping range of blood. The blood pumping and arteries flexibility must be in balanced state. Any fluctuations or changes leads to hypertension.

    Complications of Hypertension:

    The uncontrolled blood pressure cans affect health from all ways. It tends to several concomitant complications. Many organs get diminish gradually along with the changing conditions of blood pressure. It mainly affects the blood vessels of organs and then effects the functioning of organs. Blood pressure will increase the secretion of calcium while urination and claims to the weakness and fracture of bones. High level of blood pressure predominantly affects kidney functioning. Among all, the gigantic proportions of BP people are facing kidney failure. One of the causes of peripheral vascular is hypertension. It also damages the mental functioning of brain due to the improper action of nerves. These fluctuations in blood pressure can dysfunction the sex in both men and women. Beside this, there are several serious dreadful heart problems, which include pulmonary veno-occlusive, left ventricular hypertrophy and congestive heart failure.

    Natural Regimen for blood pressure:

    blood pressure

    Our refusal of proper diet contributed this disease. Now also this hypertension can be controlled based on the perfect diet.

    • Avoiding fast food, high spicy food of this modern civilization can break the high speed of blood pressure.
    • The best solution for the blood chemistry is the juice of vegetables and fruits. But its selection has to be done based on remedies of doctor. Beside thirst, there is a Incomparable benefits for perfect health by sipping juices of lemon, apple etc, And also chewing some high proteins food like beans, grains, greenly leaves helps in positive result of controlling blood pressure.
    • Stop rushing out to fast foods, alcohol, salt mustard, cigarette, black tea, etc which are the ladders for the cycle of hypertension.
    • Physical exercises, massages, breathing techniques are regular relaxation of nerves results in toning arteries and perfectly operating blood pressure.
    • We can find many prescribed and perfect drugs in this modern market for balancing the hypertension.

    This materialized world made many mega researches and providing different medical treatment for the hypertension patients. But these drugs and treatment for BP extends until the end of life cycle. So, instead of going through gigantic remedies after facing high or low blood pressure, gain preexisting immunity against fluctuating blood pressure by selecting the healthy food and make your life free from hectic schedules and inbuilt peace rather than tensions.

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