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Headache- A Stabbing Pain

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    In everyone’s life there will be definitely one day, when our head itself disturbs us. Out of cool and pleasant life there are few days which includes with human machine problems and among this problems a most common issue is the headache. Headache intrudes in to head via nerves by thrusting the blood in to it. There will be days for few people who desires to hit their own head to some wall to avoid the feel of stammering in brain. An invisible head ache ensures to view hail by just sitting in your room or on traffic. But a simple negligence can also ensure a permanent ticket to heal. In order to halt this trouble, a proper trouble shoot is very essential. Before planning for precautions a clear picture of headache is very important. And you can get the clear picture of head ache and its easily growing deeper roots are represented in this article. Have your glands and gain the clarity before facing your headache.
    Headache is a deadly attacking devil which burns and dies in our own body have different faces. Every face (type) has some similarities and some are completely contra verse. International Headache society differentiated headache in to 150 types. But especially they are differentiated as of two types and they are primary and secondary.
    Primary Headache:
    An attack in brain due to the thrusting of blood in nerves from the heart irrespective of health abnormal is termed as Primary headache. This headache again got differentiated in several ways. Migrate is one of the most repeatable attack. This varies like Aura, Retinal, Basilar, Hemiplegic, and Menstrual.
    Aura Migraine: The raise of some visual disturbances before migraine and settles for few minutes in every hour is spelled as an Aura migraine. This comes out with no pains.
    Retinal Migraine: The birth of blind spot in eye producing some haywire in vision and loosing the power of visibility is termed as Retinal Migraine.
    Hemiplegic migraine: The disruptive and painful effect of headache raising occasionally and resembling some terrific symptoms is known as Hemiplegic Migraine. This migraine can act as root cause for stroke, dizziness, paralysis, loss of motor control.
    Tension Type Headaches: A dull aching pain in head which usually resembled by tying the bands. This attacks when severe strain is bared by nerves.
    Cluster Headaches: A pinpoint repetitions of headache in weak and month wise with debilitating effect and also leads to death of quality life. This occurs in only 1% of population.

    head ache types

    Secondary Headaches: Headache preceded by some health issue is resembled as secondary headaches. Most of them are not neglect able and such kind of headache includes cerebral, stroke, sinus, concussions, MOH.

    Stroke and Cerebral: The block in blood vessel and stoppage of blood flow to brain leads to the headache. It’s a very severe and serious issue which can also breaks the breath of life. Cerebral also comes under this categories. If block rises in cerebral aneurysm can lead to the burst of blood vessel due to severe thrust.

    Concussions: An injury in brain and abnormal functioning of brain for few seconds is termed as concussions. This mostly find in sports player.

    Alcohol & Nicotine:Apart from this addiction of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine also cause the symptoms and effect of headache.

    Medication Overuse Headache(MOH): Unexpected backfire due to the over dosage or the over usage of medicine for headache.

    Sinus Headache: Its nothing but the sneezes, running nose, cheeks, nose pain and all this together some times leads to headache. This occurs rarely.

    For every kind of headache the remedy changes, finding the best one refreshes the person from stammering headache. Find the effective remedy in the upcoming article according to their effect and type.

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