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Remedies for Marks

  • Now days, stretch marks are common for men and women due to the excess and sudden increase in weight. Though the chances for raising this are more in women, it’s quite common to find in men also.  Many of us think that there is no complete solution for stretch marks, but there are few solutions and they are very effective and give accurate solutions.

    Birth of Stretch:

    Stretch marks are the light, deep colors marks on the skin and this can be in red, light yellow, pink color marks. This can take birth on your skin during the younger age and at adult age. Stretch marks raised at younger age can be cleared but it’s tough to handle the marks raised during adult age or at pregnancy.

    Age & Cause of Marks:

    Stretch marks are caused due to the over elasticity of skin’s second layer. When the skin stretches more than its elasticity ability, then the second layer will lost its elasticity and results long disordered marks as lines generally named as stretch marks.  Irrespective of age, it can occur at any age, but mostly find at younger, adult and at pregnancy time.

    The causes of marks are of different types. Stretch marks can be the problem of heredity or it can cause high stretch of skin either during sudden increase or decrease weight. Pubescent girls generally find these marks on different parts of the body. Generally on hip, stomach, on upper shoulders, at lower back bone. Over stretch marks can be due to the changes in body harmonically. 

    Treatments for  Marks

    There is a treatment for this marks based on age of person who found stretch marks over the skin.

    Tretinoin: It’s a cream meant for clearing the marks. But these marks should not be older than six months. If they crossed 6 months it can’t clear the marks. This cream meant for the fresh developing stretch marks. And it has no effect for the pregnant ladies.

    Laser Therapy: As stretch marks are caused due to the lost of elasticity, the pulsed laser therapy can improve the elasticity by improving the growth of collagen. It directly affects the chromophores – a chemical molecule exists in the dermis, rather than affecting the outer layer. With this it can reform the skin without marks.

    Excimer Lasers: This will not affect any other skin apart from the stretched layer. It promotes the new melanin development and covers the stretch marks with the same skin color. This is best solution for both older and new developing marks.

    Microdermabrasion:  This is the other process which is very effective for all kinds of stretch marks. This marks are cleared from the lower dermis rather than outer part. It consists of tiny crystals which peel out the stretch marks and again it resurfaces with new electable skin.

    Apart from this, there are few more natural creams which can easily diminish new and few old stretch marks. Castor oil, tropical oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamin E, All this can control the faded color of the skin.

    All this methods can definitely clear all sort of stretch marks and give you dazzling look.

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