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Single Dose of vaccine can sweep out the storm of swine flu

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    The modern disaster effecting complete northern and southern hemisphere, for which world top most research centers are striving to find the accurate vaccine is the novel swine flu. The toll rate of swine flu death is above 3200 and around 23,401 people are confirmed under the list of novel virus infected crude. On one side the bush of swine influenza rushing to every region, tolling the wickets gradually and on the other side the scientists of several countries are researching and releasing vaccine. Simultaneously they are also stating that “vaccine contain dangerous adjuvant resulting inflammatory responses in body”. This half assured statement, dipping many in the river of confusion. But the world is waiting for permanent solution with zero side effects. Is there any chance to find an optimized solution for the world striking influenza? Lets sort out all the doubts and answers with this article.

    The Breed of Influenza:

    Often non transmittable small rare RNA virus infected mammals and have very less stamina to spread is now reached to epidemic level. What could be the reason behind this? On deep investigation, some information came to lime light. Influenza is a pandemic, started from the hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N) proteins from the surface of virus. Swine virus formed from different H1N1 virus causing various respiratory and other health problems which can lead the person to death. This virus was usually found in pigs and later in 1979 it is noticed in army of New Jersey. Again with a gap of 20 years it’s found in US and rushed out in to the cities of US, then to other different countries.

    Symptoms of swine:

    The expelled swine virus leads to several respiratory problems including cough, sneeze, cold and fever. This virus can infect any one irrespective of gender and age. According to the file notes of swine it has to infect old age people rather than infants, teenagers. But the bonding of H1N1 with several other viruses results this untraceable health problem in all age groups. Swine expels more towards children, pregnant ladies, persons with chronic medical conditions and with immunity deficiency. Persons preexisted with respiratory problems are on a risky road, which even leads to death. When person facing these symptoms, he has to take the suggestions of physician. On serious situations, they have to be rushed to emergency rooms. If it is infected to children more care and cautiousness is quite essential.

    Precautions for swine storm:

    Transmission of influenza from person to person, place to place can be avoided with simple preventions like washing hands frequently, using surgical masks, prevent touching your face, sneezing or coughing using masks. These simple steps prevent everyone from the exposure of pandemic virus.

    Pandemic Vaccine innovation:

    flu tests

    Starting days of 2009 swine flu, scientist’s innovated vaccine for exposure of virus and it was of two doses. But there was some dangerous adjuvant along with the vaccine and increasing the risk of health problems and even leading to death. Further observation on flu stated continuous sweep of flu ensuring the stable mild strains. This ensured scientists to find the appropriate vaccine for expelling influenza. Many research centers of different countries like sinovic- Chinese biological company, national institute of allergy and infectious diseases made some tests and confirmed pandemic H1N1 single dose vaccine can provide sufficient immune power with in a very short span of time (10 days).

    Now, the expelled modern influenza infected thousands can sweep out with the single dose. Now everyone can take a cool breath from contagious novel after taking vaccine. But, this dose is released based on the stable stains of virus. As long as stains remain constant, the vaccine can control the epidemic virus. Emerging of any new stains of virus can disqualify this vaccine. Just hoping for the best, start lining for vaccine and get relief from influenza.

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