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Tackle the Ballooning Obesity

  • Fast emerging and expertise industrialized world is now facing an epidemic level threat, named obesity. The level of obesity is ballooning day by day and reasons behind the graduation of obesity are enormous in number. The world is filled with around 300 million obese, which is an alarming current biological and lifestyle factors. This is becoming a root for different health issues. On the whole, obesity level in children is tottering on the edge, when compared to the adolescence and old age people. Is there any solution which can tackle this threat easily? Let’s find the way to cure obese in this article.

    Obesity classification



    Many of us predict that overweight and obesity are one and the same, which is partially true. But, obesity is a predominant distribution of fat in the body parts like abdomen, trunk region. And the increase level of fat will be 30 or more percent than the normal weight. All these can be confirmed as obesity. It is a point where predispose of various health diseases. Overweight and obesity can be differentiated with the help of Body Mass Index (BMI) which considers weight and height as its main factors. Obese can be characterized based on age, sex, etc. Obesity can be classified in to different types based on the symptoms and statistics of different continents. But it’s not possible to classify obesity to complete world wide. Obesity types where, a few like mood disorder, medications, myxedema, PCOD, Cushing’s syndrome are easily curable. BMI can also define sedentary individuals to groups on considering different factors. Apart from this, the central obesity can be defined as the normal weight in all the parts except the abdomen. Central obesity tends to distinct health disorders.

    Symptoms and Statistics:

    Consistent consumption of food tends to enrich our calories more than the required for our normal activities. And these excess calories get stored in different parts of body, especially in abdomen, below ribs, hips and more leads to central obesity.

    Heredity also has a significant cause for obesity. Inherited genes will have the tendency to increase weight and tends to obesity. Apart of this, environmental factors also leads to gain excess weight. Many environmental factors like fixed sitting in front of TV, computer, fast-oily food, consumption of high calorie sweets and all can magnify heredity and obesity.

    The prevalence of obesity states that US have almost 64% of people over the age of 20 are intertwined with obesity, where as in Korea the obese range is very low. And many researches conclude that children are highly vulnerable to excess weight and obesity.

    Obesity- Serious impact on health:

    Modern world with excess work, stressful life style claimed people to choose unhealthy food, resulting to obesity. This obesity enriches enormous number of other diseases like cardiovascular problems which include enlargement of heart, congestive heart failure, pulmonary embolism, varicose veins. Excess fat on belly leads to some other problems like infertility, menstrual disorder, GERD, fatty liver disease, stillbirth and more.

    Obesity has the great impact on the current trendy life, enabling many to inactive diverting from the fashionable lifestyle.

    How to Tackle Obesity:



    Surgeries like gastric bypass, laparoscopic adjustableobesity1.jpg gastric banding are the comprehensive and multidisiplanary approach for controlling morbid obesity. There are also few drugs which can smash the fat and slim the body. These drugs are suggestible only for those who lacks discipline in diet and exercise. You can prevent your child from sustaining obesity by avoiding him/her to spend more time on video games, TV and conversely enriching their interest towards outdoor games which can diminish excess calories and fits the child with perfect health. Adolescences can prefer for distinct exercises like jogging bashing excess fat on parts of body such as hips, belly and gaining striking appearance.

    Cause of obesity, except due to heredity, can be controlled and cured by having health diet and proper exercise. Unfortunately morbid obesity, genetic obesity needs appropriate surgeries and drugs for positive results. Prevention is better than cure, so make your child habituated to health food and physical activities which prevents obesity and other health diseases. This can make your child free from any health problem at present and in future.

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